Adaptogenic Tea Variety Bundle (3 Case Packs)

VARIETY BUNDLE -  3 Case Packs

(3 x 12 cans/case)  

Save over 10% when you try a case of all 3 flavours of Kite's Sparkling Adaptogenic Tea

1 case/ 12 cans  x MORINGA LEMON  • Rise 
Uplift & Energize

A formulation to sharpen mental focus thanks to the benefits of Adaptogenic Moringa – "the most nutrient rich plant on earth!"  Zesty, lemony taste helps you Rise into the moment!

1 case/ 12 cans  x TULSI HIBISCUS  Align
Nourish & Clarify

A sacred, soothing Adaptogenic blend of three types of Tulsi (Holy Basil) – "The Elixir of Life". Fruity, tangy liquid yoga helps you Align with every sip!

1 case/ 12 cans  x ASHWAGANDHA ORANGE  Unwind
Calm & Revitalize

A powerful formulation feat:AdaptogenicAshwagandha root - known for its rejuvenating and stress relieving properties. Earthy tea notes, paired with bright citrusy orange help you Unwind with every sip!

*Please note: cans may not appear as seen in these images as we're slowly rolling out the new branding. You may receive cans with original branding. Thank you for your understanding!