Kite is a botanical beverage co. with a mission of helping people use the wisdom of plants to find more balance and well-being in their lives.

Kite was founded by Claudia Marion and Michelle Tirmandi in 2019 who became friends after meeting by chance in 2017. Both cared deeply about nutrition, mindfulness, plant healing, and loved the power found in a community of supportive women.  They found themselves on a similar journey with a goal to create more balance and well-being in their busy lives and began tapping into the practices that brought them back to alignment and peace and noticed that many of these rituals revolved around tea, botanicals and adaptogens. The seeds had been planted.

Claudia and Michelle are incredibly proud to stand behind Kite with a  mission to bring more balance & well-being into your life so that you can show up as your highest self and a promise is to create great tasting, organic, authentic, functional, adaptogenic products.

Claudia & Michelle

The Kite team says yes to...
The healing wisdom of plants. Living with intention. Old school traditions. Using food as medicine. Eating with the seasons. Well-being over wellness. Breathing deeply. Supporting local. Organic Farming. Cooking with love. Non-toxic products. Following intuition. Sidestepping fads. Showing compassion. Going back to basis. Always learning.

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