As we close out Black History Month, we want to focus our attention and shine the light on brands and companies we are loving that support well-being, and that we feel deserve the recognition. Before we begin though, let’s acknowledge that although Black History Month is a time to reflect, there is tremendous amount of work that still needs to be done to break down the systems that uphold systemic racism. We must educate ourselves and actively practice anti-racism, every single day. 

The Businesses & The Women Behind Them


We’ve been following Kunye for several years and have watched the evolution of  the business as a reflection of the owner, Melissa. We admire the authenticity of how she has shared her journey so transparently and created such a beautiful space of connection and meaning which helps individuals care for their physical and emotional well-being. They operate through curiosity and exploration and are a destination that is dedicated to caring for yourself and the pursuit of self-actualization. They produce a botanically-based collection of essentials for the skin and the body. Check out her stunning Instagram too!

Bianca Osbourne

Bianca is a woman of many talents - she is a chef, cooking expert and cooking show presenter on CTV and is a podcast host born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. Not only is she funny, warm, and a joy to watch in the kitchen (who simplifies healthy cooking), she also oozes really, really, really good vibes. Just by watching her for a few mins you can instantly feel a smile creep on your face. Through her various channels, she has reached hundreds of thousands of Canadians with the goal of helping them become their healthiest and highest selves. We just love following her Instagram and know you will too! 


Brittany, the woman and founder behind Ohh Foods, began her allergen friendly business after her own suffering from serious peanut and tree nut allergies. She saw a gap in the food industry when it came to allergen-free snacks on the market and began innovating both tasty and safe snacks that she, her friends and her family could join. With the convincing of her mother, she decided to share her recipes with the world and in 2018, Ohh! Foods was born. Its mission is to bring awareness to #InclusiveSnacking through the innovation of tasty “free-from” snacks. She’s super smart and we love that along with creating super sweet treats, she's truly building a community that creates a safe space for others in a similar situation. Her drool-worthy Instagram will also give you a (healthy-ish) snack attack!

We hope you take some time to check out these businesses and continue to support local and small businesses!

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