Have you heard the term “Sober Curious” before? If not, don’t sweat it! It’s seemingly niche, but if you’re into the wellness world and following new trends, you may have heard the concept mentioned before. The social movement that seems to be very much of the moment right now, was spearheaded by lifestyle author Ruby Warrington. A few years back, she wrote a book about her experience on rethinking her relationship with substances and chronicles life on “the other side of alcohol”. She makes the point that there is the possibility for positive impacts with regard to sleep, focus, and a deeper connection to ourselves - all by making choices and decisions around alcohol that aren’t necessarily set in stone.

Read on to see if the “sober curious” lifestyle may be something you’re interested in dabbling with this year as you begin to contemplate your personal relationship to alcohol. 

Sobriety vs. Sober Curious

Since we’re approaching New Years, which is always a time to think about how we may do things differently and tune up our healthy habits, you may have considered the idea of taking part in Dry January….or in other words, you may be entertaining the idea of re-examining your alcohol intake. 

Many of us are familiar with Sobriety, or “going sober”.  It’s most often used when one is overcoming alcoholism or problems with substances through complete elimination. For many, this is a very serious and life-altering choice, something not to be taken lightly or to be confused with “sober curiosity”.

Deciding to become sober curious is a very different decision about choosing to change your habits for lifestyle reasons associated with health and wellness. It’s about consciously turning inward, questioning yourself and understanding if the way you relate to alcohol actually serves you in a way that makes you feel good.

Another key distinction is that being sober curious does not necessarily mean you are fully sober. Instead, it’s a choice you make for yourself that oftentimes is about questioning modern assumptions related to drinking culture, for example, drinking in certain situations solely because you feel you should.

Becoming sober curious is about reflecting on things that perhaps you’ve never taken the time to reflect on before in regards to alcohol. 

Ditch the “New Year New Me” Attitude

As we approach the end of 2020, we know so many of you are probably gearing up and setting new goals for yourself, with the “new year new me” kind of attitude. While we aren’t suggesting you change, rather, we are suggesting you educate yourself and make choices based on what you feel makes most sense for you. The goal? For you to feel your best! 

If you are curious about your own sober curiosity, perhaps spending some time journaling about the questions below can help you to figure out if you want to make any changes. 

A few sober curious questions to ponder...

  • How does alcohol make me feel? 
  • Do I actually want to drink in ____ situation? 
  • How does alcohol impact my sleep? 
  • How does alcohol impact my relationships? 
  • How does alcohol affect my mood? 
  • What subconscious expectations related to alcohol and drinking culture do I have? 

Or to get right to the point..

  • Do I feel my drinking is a problem? 
  • Would my life feel better without alcohol? Or less alcohol? 

If this new lifestyle trend peaks your curiosity, here are a few more things to consider.

Alcohol Does Not Equate Fun

Fun may be associated with alcohol, but it certainly doesn’t mean you need to drink to have fun. It also may feel easier said than done, but you definitely do not need to drink to fit into social situations. If you are feeling sober curious, embrace it and give it a shot. Being sober curious also doesn’t mean you are committing to quitting alcohol completely. You are the creator of your own life and choices - remember that! Non-alcoholic beverages can still give off that fun and festive vibe without the added alcohol. Mix up your favourite drink (Kite, anyone?!) to have in hand so you still feel part of the drinking experience! 

Sober Curious On the Rise

The sober curious movement is on the rise - and along with it, more and more individuals are becoming interested with the growing popularity of plant-based diets, yoga and the practice of mindfulness. Covid life and restrictions aside, more sober experiences have also become available too. Whether it be sober, booze-free bars, sober travel and meditation retreats or alcohol-free dance parties, this feel good trend is catching on and will likely bring cool new experiences (of course once the world settles down a bit)! 

A Final Word

Simply put, if you are questioning your relationship with alcohol and why you consume it, wondering what life would be life without it, you are, at least to some degree, already probably sober curious. If this is you, perhaps, the next thing to do is find someone who can motivate you and who is already living this life. Our example of someone who lights us up and inspires us is Melissa Woodfounder of Melissa Wood Health. She quit alcohol not too long ago and constantly shows us how much fun she has and how amazing she feels without it.

Lastly, we want to invite you to experience a sober curious January right along with us here at Kite. While we personally are imperfectly navigating our own way through it, we felt what better way to do so than with you, our community! We’ll be posting simple mocktail recipes using our  Kite Sparkling Teas and checking in over on Instagram to see how it’s going for everyone - be sure to stay in touch, share your favourite Kite Creations and  follow along for recipes, tips, tools and giveaways!

We simply can’t wait to see where this journey takes you….


It’s Time To Unwind!

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